Client Testimonials

ella 3
ella 2
ella lunging

This horse and owner have put in a lot of work but doesn't she make a pretty picture all stretched out in her trot! Ella wasn't engaging her back, was in pain and did not want to be ridden. After one month this is the same horse that had the rounded back of a much older horse.

“My girl's remarkable improvement. She still has a bit more to go. But she's getting there. Thank you, Kristi Sanders, at Sanders Equine Massage for helping me with her. And helping her feel better.”- Kishla Payne


This mare has been through a rough patch but Gidget sees the light. When the owner got this horse it was underweight and had worms, but now she is feeling so much better. She has had a massage to loosen up those tight and spasmed muscles then went to visit a chiropractor to put her spine, shoulders, withers and TMJ back to where they should. Now she received a massage again today and has one more scheduled with Sanders Equine Massage. After months of TLC, this mare is healthy and happy.


“Kristi Sanders does amazing work with horses! I would recommend her to everyone.”- Kay Bland


"Kristi is very good with our horses. Improvement after every session! Great communication and response when needed. Highly recommend!"- Raina Lewis

Black Jack

"Kristi looked at my daughter's horse, Black Jack, at a show because he was rearing and throwing his head. She gave him a massage and informed me that several of disc (in lumbar area) were out of place and his hips were out of line … I would never have known what was wrong had she not offered to look at him!"- Shannon Glaser-Seibert