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Back on Track products

Therapeutic products for dogs, horses, and people

Looking for the best online selection of therapeutic and protective products for dogs, horses, and people? Back on Track supplies dog therapy products, such as dog hock braces, beds and liners, and coats, to help keep your canine companion happy and healthy. They also carry a vast array of horse therapy products, such as horse leg wraps, saddle pads, riding helmets, and much more. BOT products feature Welltex therapeutic fabric, which is used to increase blood circulation throughout the body and deliver increased relief and shortened healing times. They use Welltex in their selection of dog wrist braces, horse leg wraps, physio elbow braces for people, and our other therapeutic products.



Sanders Equine Massage is your Back on Track retailer

For those of you who haven't tried or haven't heard of this line of products, here is my experience. I bought the quick wraps for my horse, Mac, because in winter he is stiffer in his front legs and he would get the same way after several days of showing. After I bought the quick wraps for Mac, it made a huge difference. He now comes out of the stall as if he has already been lunged. When I put them on within 30 minutes Mac will lay down and go to sleep. He LOVES them!
Also, I own the shorts for myself. I had hip surgery four years ago and my hip still aches after showing. If I sleep in the shorts overnight after a show, there is no pain the next day.
After seeing how well these products work for myself and Mac, I decided to start selling their products to others so they can add another way to help keep their horse ready to compete.
Pictured are a few of the products I will sell and if anyone would like to place an order or learn more about Back on Track feel free to call at 812-881-0075 or shop online.

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