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Kinesiology taping ($15)

-When the horse's muscles are in constant use the muscles can become inflamed, swollen, or stiff due to fatigue and the space between the skin and muscle is compressed. This results in the constricted flow of lymphatic fluid. The K Tape lifts the skin and increases the space for the lymphatic fluid to flow properly.


Benefits of K Tape:
  • Counteracts muscle fatigue

  • Relieves pain

  • Prevents back-flow of lymphatic fluid

  • Helps correct joint movement by relieving sprains and misalignment of fascia

  • Activates the neurological system

  • Activates the circulatory system

K-taping can help horses that have ...
  • tense or shortened muscles,

  • joint swelling, and

  • ligament/tendon or other soft tissue damage.

  • $15 - First area

  • $10 for each additional area

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