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MEGA-CALM Equine Calming Support is a balanced powder supplement containing L-Tryptophan and other key nutrients. Horse owners and trainers use it to relax nervous horses prior to competition or transporting, without drowsiness.



Mix thoroughly with feed.
Maintenance: 1 scoop (20g) daily.
Moderate Cases: 2 scoops (40g) the night before competition.
Extreme Cases: 3 scoops (60g) the night before competition.

Expect Results: Within 12 hours. Results on this product are dependent on the amount fed, which must be tailored to the individual horse.


  • Minimum unless otherwise indicated per 20g serving
    L-Tryptophan 12% 2,400 mg
    Vitamin E 9,060 IU/lb (19,977 IU/kg) 800 mg
    Thiamine (B1) 1,360 mg/lb (2,998 mg/kg) 860 mg
    Magnesium 35,273 PPM 705 mg
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