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Theraplate ($35)

-The Theraplate is an active proprietary Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation Technology that is both smooth and quiet to help your horse compete. It is a machine that horses stand on for 20 minute sessions to help reduce pain. The Theraplate is seven feet long and three feet wide so all sizes of horses can enjoy treatment. This device can be used pre or post performance.


Benefits of Theraplate:
  • Decreased vet bills 

  • Decreased down time

  • Increased bone density and muscle mass

  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility

  • Reduced need for joint injections

  • Faster healing through increased production of ATP

  • Maintain muscle and bone density

The Theraplate can help horses that have ...​
  • foundered,

  • hoof issues,

  • laminitis,

  • suspensory issues,

  • under run heels,

  • thin soles, and 

  • bucked shins.

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